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US digest guide to vitamins minerals and supplements Market size, shares, trend, growth, research and statistics 2014

Vitamins, minerals, and supplements have historically had strong sales, as this was an easy to make up for ‘less than perfect’ diets. However, the market is up against several challenges, including increasing consumer skepticism about the efficacy of VMS products. Introducing products with more customized appearance boosting claims or lower-dose formulas can create new usage opportunities.

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Table of Content

Scope and Themes

What you need to know
Data sources
Sales data
Consumer survey data
Abbreviations and terms

Executive Summary

The market
Figure 1: Sales and fan chart forecast of VMS, at current prices, rolling 52 weeks 2012-17
Segment performance
Figure 2: Sales of VMS, by segment, at current prices, rolling 52 weeks 2012-14
Areas of opportunity
Key players
Figure 3: Sales of VMS, by leading companies, rolling 52 weeks 2013-14
The consumer
Multivitamins used most often
Figure 4: VMS usage, May 2014
Maintaining health and youth primary reasons for supplementing
Figure 5: Reasons for taking VMS, by age, May 2014
Consumer skepticism has impacted sales
What we think

Issues and Insights

How can VMS manufactures increase usage with younger consumers?
The issues
The implications
A series of studies have been released questioning VMS effectiveness
The issues
The implications
Making VMS usage a regular habit
The issues
The implications

Trend Applications

Trend: Mood to Order
Trend: Prove It
Trend: Guiding Choice

Market Size and Forecast

Key points
Sales and forecast of VMS
Figure 6: Sales and forecast of VMS, at current prices, rolling 52 weeks 2012-17
Figure 7: Sales and forecast of VMS, at inflation-adjusted prices, rolling 52 weeks 2012-17
VMS sales slow
Figure 8: Sales and fan chart forecast of VMS, at current prices, rolling 52 weeks 2012-17
Forecast methodology

Market Drivers

Key points
Aging population will drive growth of vitamin sales
Figure 9: Population by age, 2014-19, VMS usage, by age, May 2014
Declining household income affects vitamin sales
Figure 10: Median household income, in inflation-adjusted dollars, 2002-12
Vitamins as preventive healthcare
Trends in vitamin usage drive market
Figure 11: Prevalence of dietary supplement use, 1971-2010
Figure 12: Types of vitamins and minerals used, February 2007-March 2014

Competitive Context

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